A collaboration platform for musicians

Record, jam, and share your ideas, demos, and riffs privately with your bandmates right from your browser.

A rock band

By musicians, for musicians.

Managing a band is hard, especially while writing and practicing new material. Improvibe is a band's creative headquarters, designed to facilitate collaboration and mitigate the difficulties behind management.

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Improvibe recording booth

A recording booth right in your browser.

Fast, intuitive, and always immediately accessible, record your performances, ideas and demos as soon as inspiration strikes. Record with a metronome, add tablature, tags, comments, and even jam a bandmate's track by playing overtop of it.

A home for your tracks and ideas.

Private, safe, and offering flexible organization, find any track at any time using Improvibe's library. Draw inspiration from past work and productively create new music.

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Improvibe recording booth

Harmony outside of practice.

Improvibe streamlines the sharing of new ideas and the latest happenings through a notification system designed specifically to keep bandmates in sync with one another. Whether you just had practice yesterday or not in a while, no one needs to miss a beat.

Simple lineup management.

When a new bandmate joins or another parts ways, updating Improvibe to reflect your band's latest lineup is simple and easy. Quickly integrate new members into the band and start working together immediately.

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